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Sports are Back! How to Get FREE MLB & NBA Props For the Restart

  • We will resume our service for the restart MLB & NBA
  • We’re offering our premium prop platform for FREE for the first two weeks of the restart
  • Make a donation to a charity of your choice, send us screen shot evidence, and we’ll hook you up with our proven and transparent service, which clients have been raving about for two years

Baseball is days away and hoops are just a week behind, and we’ve been busy behind the scenes gearing up for an epic summer of sports betting.

Our team is in place and ready to attack these profitable player prop markets on a daily basis. We’ve been at this for two years and we have been profitable in every season across the three major sports, so trying us out for free is the easiest +EV decision you’ll ever make. 

You can learn more about who we are here. And our FAQ & Criticisms sections will shed some light on our approach to the practice of “touting” picks.

Keep reading to learn more about our betting history and all the +EV goodies you’ll get when you sign up for this rare free trial.


If you’re sold and want in FREE for the first two weeks of the restart, simply:

  • Send us a screen shot of a donation to a charity of your choice
  • You can DM us on Twitter, or email us at
  •  Include the email address you want to use and watch it for an invite to our Slack (give us up to 24 hours)
  • For ideas, Charity Watch grades charities by what percentage of money is put towards programs (we like efficiency!)

For Current Subscribers

If you have a current subscription that was paused at the start of the shutdown:

  • You’ll also get the first two weeks of the restart free
  • A charitable donation is not required but is encouraged
  • All subscriptions (weekly/monthly/annual) will be resumed on Thursday, August 6th
  • If you do not want your weekly/monthly subscription to resume, you can contact us or change subscription options on the website

What You’ll Get

  • Access to our private chat where it all happens
  • Full slate of daily MLB Strikeout (K) Props
  • Full slate of daily NBA Props
  • Full UFC cards
  • Weekly PGA cards (H2Hs, T5/10/20s)
  • English Premier League Player Props
  • Access to all our handicappers and experts
  • Access to all site content and analysis
  • Access to bet-tracking sheets

K Props are Back!

While we’ll be covering all major sports, I’m most looking forward to MLB and building on our excellent 2019 record on strikeout props:

  • 59% win rate
  • Profit of 56.50 units with 95% of bets at 1 Unit
  • 7% ROI on almost 600 individual bets

Personally speaking, I have literally nothing else to do this summer but make money by watching the MLB K Prop markets like a hawk.

With a proven process in place and another year of experience under our belt, we’re ready to take our K Props to the next level in this shortened season.

Hoops, Too

The 2019-2020 NBA season has been a streaky one for us, landing on 11.94U profit before the lockdown hit.

Most nights, we’re also able to offer middling and arbitrage opportunities on NBA player props, which have been profitable for those clients with the necessary outs.

Kickoff Countdown

It’s all a setup for what we hope is a full and fruitful NFL season.

NFL props are what we do best:

  • 60.6% win rate &  14.6% ROI on offshore NFL player props in 2019
  • 61.5% win rate & 17.6% ROI at domestic US books
  • Total profit of 110.6 Units, with the vast majority of bets at 1 Unit

We know and watch these NFL player prop markets better than anyone out there, and our results back it up.

Stick around for MLB & NBA and you’ll also get the best deal on our upcoming NFL package. 

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