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Reviews and Tesitmonials

Cort Smith
You guys are on top of the games and never seem to stop looking for exploitable lines.

“They Never Stop”

Skyler Eckenrode

I totally enjoy the picks and the camaraderie that comes with Slack. All the guys support each other and are easy to deal with.

“Easy to Deal With”

Kristopher Frost

Bet the Prop has won me money with an over 60% win rate in three sports. Management is transparent and hands-on with excellent customer service in their Slack Chat. They'll custom answer any prop questions you have. Best prop bets in the business.

“Transparent and Hands-On”

Dan Finocchio

BTP is the absolute best and most fun collection of prop bettors I’ve ever been involved with.

“The Most Fun”

Todd Bargstadt

I’ve been doing this a long time and have NEVER seen anybody destroy MLB strikeout props like Cort and Evan are doing. The play alerts, along with consistently beating the market, is insane.

“Top Notch!”

Jim Vivano

Finding Bet The Prop was finding a diamond in the rough. The administrators of the community are only a text away and are comfortable to chat with. I highly suggest becoming a part of this community, whether you are a casual or big-time sports bettor.

“Diamond in the Rough”

Rob Miller

You guys crush it with your picks - it's truly insane. And having people comment and contribute takes the sketchiness out the "touting" process if you know what I mean. It makes it personal and makes it fun.

“Truly Insane”


BTP is one of the best investments I have made. The level of communication is second to none. When you consider pick quality, quantity, communication, and their feedback, I can't think of a better service for the price.

“Communication is Second to None”

Tony Turk

It’s just way more fun to sweat out bets with a group of people. I don’t typically pay for picks, but with BTP, you are getting way more than just picks, and it’s those extra features that make it worth it.

“Way More Than Just Picks”

Brian Killgrew

I would 100% recommend Bet the Prop. They know their stuff, and in an industry of salesman, they are the real deal. It's a great community with money-making advice and content!

“The Real Deal”

Matthew Call

This is a great service and I love the basketball props!

“Great Service”

Mike E

You guys are doing an awesome job. Glad to be a part of the community and I look forward to watching you expand the platform!

“Glad to be Part of the Community”

William Landsberg

I love the service and I can’t say enough about it. I’m a customer for life!

“Can’t Say Enough”

Michael Schoen

The chat is unmatched. The community is very friendly and encouraging. It has an all for one, one for all attitude. The picks, the analysis, you really can’t beat it.


Nick Gaetano