Bet the Prop


Cort Smith

We think we have an amazing product, and our customers concur. But investing in a sports betting service such as ours is not for everyone.

Our goal is transparency and honesty in a space that badly needs some, and the truth is that our business model is not perfect. Here are some of the most common criticisms and how we handle them.

Check out the FAQ section here.

The Tough Stuff

These props lines move lightning fast and can be difficult to get. 

This is a common criticism which we don’t hide from.

We’re good at what we do, are markets move accordingly when we release our plays. We acknowledge this effect and concede it can be challenging for every subscriber to get value on every play.

However, it is far from but far from impossible and the vast majority of our subscribers stick around.

We are in a Golden Age of player props. With the legalization of gambling, there are more bookmakers offering props than ever before. If you give yourself options by having money on a few different sites, and you are willing to act quickly, you’ll be able to find similar lines 90% of the time.

All that said, we know it can be an issue for clients, and we take steps to actively mitigate the effect we have on prop markets:

  • There’s our team of eagle-eyed analysts and subscribers who are always monitoring and suggesting alternative lines, books, and correlated angles on the same play (receptions vs yards, etc). This is a strength of our Slack community.
  • We offset some of the lost value on individual plays with sheer volume.  We put out a lot of picks (details in the FAQ), and if you miss the value on one prop, another is coming shortly.
  • We raised prices in early 2020 in an attempt to limit the competition. In the future, we will also consider capping the number of subscribers if we see things hitting a critical mass.

Here’s the thing — wild line movement is always going to be a challenge in these small prop markets, regardless of our bet recommendations. That’s just a reality of playing props, and there’s only so much we can do. Following our service requires some attention and quick action on your part, but you can absolutely get a similar line the majority of the time.

Keep in mind that we have plenty of subscribers who are late to the party on the lines we post. They’re still easily in the positive ROI; they just lose a few points new and then.

If you’re so good, why are you selling picks?

Bet the Prop is about more than just selling picks; we’re about community and quality content, too.

But even if you assume that we’re only about selling picks, the answer to the question is this — we do it because limits on props are much closer to $100 than $10,000. Despite our established win rates, it would take a massive, coordinated effort to make a living from betting playing props alone.

We have no interest in doing that. We love content, analysis, community and helping other bettors get better and increase their enjoyment in this space. Our picks are good, but our community and the personal touch we offer are what set us apart from other, similar services.

I’m a just small stakes bettor.

We welcome small-stakes bettors and know that we can help you grow your bankroll and get to the next level, even at our current rates.

Consider this piece of feedback from one of our earliest clients:

“I started this all out using $3 units in the K-Props (MLB). You had faith your product would get me to where I wanted to go and it’d pay off in the long run. I’m up to $25 units now with some great profits in the books. Happy to be here and even happier to stay.”

After nine months in our Slack, this client’s average unit size grew 733%.

We firmly believe we can bring value to small stakes bettors based on the sheer volume of +EV plays we put out across multiple sports.

Your prices are too high.

Our prices remain extremely competitive for the expansive suite of services we offer.

Consider that one competitor selling prop picks sells NFL packages for as much as $300 per week. NBA props? Another $300/week, meaning if you want both sports, you’ll pay $600/week. That’s for one guy handing out picks only — no team of analysts, no reasoning behind the play, no chance to ask why, and no community of bettors in the same boat to sweat along with.

You’ll know the names behind our picks, and why we’re making them.

Another competitor charges $100/month per sport. We’ll provide a significantly better, more personal service, with more picks, better picks (our 60% on NFL props to his 55.8%), more sports, more analysts, and more depth of analysis, and all at a better price point. 

We also offer a no-strings attached, 7-day money-back guarantee on any package for any reason. We know this is not for everyone, but try it out for yourself risk free.