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  • Get Player Props in NFL, NBA, MLB, More
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  • Access to Premium Chat Community
  • Detailed Tracking Sheets
  • 2020 NFL Results: 60%, +110.6U (16.1% ROI)
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$89/month($534 billed bi-annually)
  • Get Player Props in NFL, NBA, MLB, More
  • Plays Alerted to Your Device
  • Access to Premium Chat Community
  • Detailed Tracking Sheets
  • 2020 NFL Results: 60%, +110.6U (16.1% ROI)
  • 7 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Premium Player Props
$99/month($99 billed monthly)
  • Get Player Props in NFL, NBA, MLB, More
  • Plays Alerted to Your Device
  • Access to Premium Chat Community
  • Detailed Tracking Sheets
  • 2020 NFL Results: 60%, +110.6U (16.1% ROI)
  • 7 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Premium Player Props
$29/week($29 billed weekly)
  • Get Player Props in NFL, NBA, MLB, More
  • Plays Alerted to Your Device
  • Access to Premium Chat Community
  • Detailed Tracking Sheets
  • 2020 NFL Results: 60%, +110.6U (16.1% ROI)
  • 7 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

Basic subscribers get access to all site content, featuring 6-12 prop picks per week, complete with in-depth analysis, across multiple sports. These premium articles include best prop bet recommendations for feature events like NFL primetime games, NFL Draft & Combine props, UFC Fight cards, NBA props, and MLB props.

Premium subscribers get all access to the same content, plus all of our picks across every sport, plus access to our premium chat.

What is your win record? Can I see your historical results?

Yes, we track the results of all our official plays and they are publically accessible. You can find details and historical results on Our Results page.

A quick outline of our results:

  • 2018 NFL props (free, offshore only): 57.8%, +38.25 Units   
  • 2019 MLB props (subscription): 59.8%, +47.79 Units
  • 2019 NBA props (free for NFL Slack subscribers until Feb 2020): 62% in 2019 & 42-20 (67.6%) , +19.62 Units in 2020. 
  • 2019 NFL props (subscription, offshore & domestic books): 60%, +106.88 Units

Check the results page linked above for all the latest figures.

How many plays do you put out? 

You can expect 25-40 props per week, depending on the season.

Between April 1st, 2019 and January 2020, we put out 1,181 official picks. Even excluding some 500 NBA picks, which we’ve done mostly for free at a 60% win rate, that’s 4.2 picks/day on average. 

Then there are futures, leans, and game props that we’re putting out in our Slack weekly. Add it up, and we likely put out more +EV picks-per-dollar than any betting service out there.

What is Slack Chat?

Slack is a chat room that acts as the home and heart of Bet the Prop. This is where our picks are released and alerted to our users.  After joining, Premium subscribers will be sent an invite you join the community. In the Slack you’ll:

  • Get alerts on new plays
  • Interact with and get custom advice from our team of analysts and sharp subscribers
  • Ask questions and earn how to become a better bettor by long-term winners
  • Hang out and chat with fellow bettors while watching our prop bets play out
What are the best sportsbooks for player props?

It depends on your region, but generally speaking, the best offshores sportsbooks for US-based bettors when it comes to props are — BetOnline, 5 Dimes, Bookmaker, MyBookie, Bovada, Heritage, and Sportsbook.

Non-US bettors can use most of those books mentioned above, plus Pinnacle and Bet365.

If you live in a regulated state such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Nevada, you also have access to pop-friendly books like DraftKings, FanDuel, BetAmerica, FoxBet, and PointsBet.

I live in New Jersey/Pennsylvania. Do you cover props here? 

Yes, we have two dedicated analysts covering the New Jersey props market specifically. Why? Because we consider New Jersey to be the best props betting market in the world currently. The selection of books, bonuses, and soft lines make it the place to be for prop bettors.

Pennsylvania is slightly less advanced but coming on quickly. They offer a lot of the same markets currently available in New Jersey, so we can also help you if you live there, too.

If you live in either state, make sure you take advantage of our expertise in these amazing regulated prop markets.

What is the Prop Builder?

If you’ve been following us for any length of time, you’ve probably heard us refer to the Prop Builder (or PB).

The Builder is a third-party prop betting software application and book that allows you to place prop bets across multiple sports, including things like H2H props.

While the Prop Builder may have a slightly different appearance or name at different books, it’s all the same piece of software with the same lines. It is available at the following offshore books: BetOnline, MyBookie, 5 Dimes, and Heritage.

Do you guys have any free plays for tonight? 

We mix in a healthy amount of free plays and analysis. Articles often have one free play, with the rest behind a paywall.

You can also find plenty of free prop plays on our Twitter feed.

Can I buy a subscription for one sport only?

Not directly, no. We have one subscription covering multiple sports.

If you only want props for one sport, MLB strikeout props, for example, you have several options:

  • You can buy a six-month package, which covers the entirety of baseball season
  • You can buy a weekly or monthly subscription and pause or cancel it at the season’s end
  • All weekly and monthly subscriptions may be paused and resumed at any time

We understand that not everyone wants to play all the sports, but our all-sport subscription prices are extremely competitive compared to our competition, some of whom charge up to $300 per week per sport.

Can I buy just the picks alone, without the chat community?

No, we discontinued this option in early 2020.

The gap in value between the “picks-only” subscription and the Premium, chat subscription was too great, and we want all subscribers to get a similar experience with similar value.

Premium subscribers are not required to be an active member of our chat community, and if all you want is the picks, you can still sign up for the Premium package and use the chat to simply get pick alerts.


These props lines move lightning fast, and I can rarely get them.

This is a common criticism which we don’t hide from.

We’re good at what we do. There is evidence to suggest that our bet recommendations can sometimes affect certain prop markets by moving lines and prices. We acknowledge this effect and concede it can be challenging for every subscriber to get value on every play.

Challenging but far from impossible.

We are in a Golden Age of player props. There are more offshore and domestic bookmakers offering props than ever before. If you give yourself options by having money on a few different sites, and you are willing to act quickly, you’ll be able to find similar lines 90% of the time. 

All that said, we know it can be an issue for clients, and we take steps to actively mitigate the effect we have on prop markets:

  • There’s our team of eagle-eyed analysts and subscribers who are always monitoring and suggesting alternative lines, books, and correlated angles on the same play (receptions vs yards, etc). This is a strength of our Slack community. 
  • We offset some of the lost value on individual plays with sheer volume.  We put out a lot of picks (details in the FAQ), and if you miss the value on one prop, another is coming shortly.
  • We are building a unique odds comparison tool for player props which will make finding the best lines a breeze.
  • We raised prices in early 2020 in an attempt to limit the competition. In the future, we will also consider capping the number of subscribers if we see things hitting a critical mass.

Here’s the thing — wild line movement is always going to be a challenge in these small prop markets, regardless of our bet recommendations. That’s just a reality of playing props, and there’s only so much we can do. Following our service requires some attention and quick action on your part, but you can absolutely get a similar line the majority of the time.

Keep in mind that we have plenty of subscribers who are late to the party on the lines we post. They still make money, just not as much, which speaks to just how big the edge is when it comes to props.

If You’re So Good, Why Are you Selling Picks?

Bet the Prop is about more than just selling picks; we’re about community and quality content, too.

But even if you assume that we’re only about selling picks, the answer to the question is this — we do it because limits on props are much closer to $100 than $10,000. Despite our established win rates, it would take a massive, coordinated effort to make a living from betting playing props alone.

We have no interest in doing that. We love content, analysis, community and helping other bettors get better and increase their enjoyment in this space. Our picks are good, but our community and the personal touch we offer are what set us apart from other, similar services.

I’m a just small stakes bettor.

We welcome small-stakes bettors and know that we can help you grow your bankroll and get to the next level, even at our current rates.

Consider this piece of feedback from one of our earliest clients:

“I started this all out using $3 units in the K-Props (MLB). You had faith your product would get me to where I wanted to go and it’d pay off in the long run. I’m up to $25 units now with some great profits in the books. Happy to be here and even happier to stay.”

After nine months in our Slack, this client’s average unit size grew 733%.

We firmly believe we can bring value to small stakes bettors based on the sheer volume of +EV plays we put out across multiple sports.

Your prices are too high.

Our prices remain extremely competitive for the expansive suite of services we offer.

Consider that one competitor selling prop picks sells NFL packages for as much as $300 per week. NBA props? Another $300/week, meaning if you want both sports, you’ll pay $600/week. That’s for one guy handing out picks only — no team of analysts, no reasoning behind the play, no chance to ask why, and no community of bettors in the same boat to sweat along with. 

You’ll know the names behind our picks, and why we’re making them.

Another competitor charges $100/month per sport. We’ll provide a significantly better, more personal service, with more picks, better picks (our 60% on NFL props to his 55.8%), more sports, more analysts, and more depth of analysis, and all at a better price point. 

We also offer a no-strings attached, 7-day money-back guarantee on any package for any reason. We know this is not for everyone, but try it out for yourself risk free.

Premium Chat Community

Have fun hanging out with our friendly and helpful community of fellow sports bettors and props experts in our Premium Slack Chat Community.

Multi Sport Coverage

We have specialists focused on props in multiple sports -- NFL, NBA, MLB, CFB, UFC, plus Fantasy Football. We'll be adding more sports in the future.

Proven Player Props

Premium subscribers can expect 25-40 plays per week, depending on the season. Our analysts are proven, long-term winners who are hitting near or over 60% across multiple sports.

Push Alerts on New Plays

Get push alerts sent to your device when we release new plays via our Premium Slack Chat software. Never miss a play.

Custom Support from Props Experts

Not sure whether the line you're seeing at your local sportsbook is still a good bet? Want advice on how to hedge a futures bet you're holding? Get custom, real-time advice from our team of prop betting analysts.

Tracking Sheets

Updated daily tracking sheets for all our prop plays -- stay on top of wins, losses, and units won at a glance.